Profesores de Matemáticas para ser entrenados por Singapur

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Ministry of Education said in a release Sunday that through the National Mathematics Programme and the National Institute of Education in Singapore, it is moving to boost the capacity of mathematics educators in the country’s teacher-training institutions.

From Monday to Friday, 56 mathematics teacher educators from public and private teacher-training institutions, along with 21 mathematics specialists employed to the ministry, are slated to benefit from an intense training programme to be conducted by representatives of the Singaporean institute and mathematics specialists employed to the Ministry of Education.

The release also stated that the programme is being implemented to strengthen the capacity of those responsible for the development and delivery of Jamaica’s mathematics teacher-training programmes.

It is expected that during the training, participants will examine areas such as Principles in Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving, Assessment of Mathematical Problem Solving, Use of Instructional Media, Using ICT in Teaching Mathematics, and Assessment of Student Learning.

National Mathematics Coordinator, Dr Tamika Benjamin, noted that the initiative is integral to the ministry’s ability to meet the targets it has set for student performance levels in the subject.

She added that the training programme is being facilitated to ensure that the participants are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to support the development of quality primary and secondary teachers.

Benjamin further noted that all teacher-education institutions will have to be deliberate about developing and implementing effective methods to ensure that their graduates are competent and confident in the mathematics classroom, capable of developing and facilitating mathematics lessons focused on concept development. She said that failure to move in this direction will negatively impact the long-term goals for mathematics education in Jamaica.

The national mathematics coordinator advised that the emphasis of the teaching strategies that lecturers will be exposed to will be consistent with the key principles of effective mathematics teaching being promoted under the National Comprehensive Numeracy Programme – the development of conceptual understanding, computational fluency and problem-solving skills.

Fuente: Jamaica Observer

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