Nuevo premio de estudio que ayudará a estudiantes de Leyes en Singapur

SINGAPORE, Sept 27 — To help Singaporean students defray the cost of the tuition fees at the new law school, the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) has introduced a new study award.

The MinLaw-UniSIM Study Award offers each recipient S$75,000 (RM228,159) for the undergraduate law degree programme or S$60,000 for the Juris Doctor programme.

They are required to practise family and/or criminal law for five years in a Singapore law practice upon graduation and admission to the Singapore Bar.

Students at the new law school have to pay S$197,222.40 for the undergraduate law degree programme and S$164,352 for the Juris Doctor programme.

These are the estimated total programme fees without government grant and includes the Goods and Services Tax.

MinLaw said in its press release that this study award would give financial assistance to students who previously received government support or sponsorship for their undergraduate or higher degrees, and who are thus not eligible for the Ministry of Education’s Tuition Grant scheme.

To qualify for the study award, applicants must meet two criteria: They cannot be sponsored by any organisation for the programme that they are taking; and their monthly per capita household income cannot exceed S$2,600 or they are facing financial difficulties.

Their eligibility will be assessed by the law school, and applicants have until Oct 1 to apply upon meeting the criteria.

For UniSIM School of Law’s first intake, which will start in January next year, close to 400 applicants have applied for the 60 places available.

The majority (90 per cent) of the applicants are working professionals such as paralegals, law enforcement officers, court employees and social workers.  — TODAY

Fuente: Malaymail Online

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