Ministerio para capacitar a los educadores sobre las nuevas técnicas de enseñanza

Ministerio para capacitar a los educadores sobre las nuevas técnicas de enseñanza

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) has a present target of achieving 95 per cent of students obtaining grades A to C in the Primary School Assessment (PSR) for 2017 by training educators to use new methods in their lessons.

In a brief interview with The Brunei Times, The Director of Curriculum Development Department, Hj Abdul Rahman Hj Nawi said that the classroom should be a place where teachers and students can challenge themselves academically.

“To achieve the 95 per cent of students with grades A to C in their PSR examinations, teachers must try to integrate resources and new methods in delivering their lessons in class,” noting the recent launch of a resource entitled ‘Magic Moments in Talk … in the English classroom’ which aims to help upper secondary English teachers actively engage students in oral communication whilst strengthening the student’s oral skills.

Hj Abdul Rahman said the classroom should not be a one-sided learning environment where teachers do all the talking while the students observe quietly, therefore teachers must support students in achieving their desired grades regardless of their abilities.
“One of the ministry’s strategy is to diagnose our students in terms of their abilities early, as intervention plays an important role especially when it comes to education,”
“If the student is a slow learner compared to other students, teachers will put in more effort and more time coaching them. As for the higher achievers, we will keep on challenging them to newer things so they will be exposed to greater challenges,” said the Director of Curriculum Development Department.

He went on to say that every student develops at their own pace and therefore educators are encouraged to work with them in accordance to their capabilities.

“It is the duty of the teachers to lead the future generation and help the students attain the best they can in education,” he continued.

“We are all out in supporting our teachers and to support our students but we are putting more effort on helping students to achieve those grades,” said the Director.

When asked if this system also applied to the students with special needs, Hj Abdul Rahman said the ministry is adopting an inclusive system to avoid making them feel exempted.

“Teachers are especially trained and are dedicated to address those students who are challenged and we are constantly introducing new ways to make learning more inclusive,” said Hj Abdul Rahman.

Fuente: The Brunei Times

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